Monday, December 22, 2008

#1 Outlines in The Dark

It seems to be time to get this blog rolling. For the first trick, I am going to post a photo that “brakes” a couple of basic photography rules. But, since I am an amateur, breaking such rules is what I do on a daily basis. Hey, nobody ever learned anything by keeping inside the guidelines! What’s more, this photo is my personal favorite!


One of the basic rules of photography is, keep the light source behind you(the photographer). Obviously the (orange)light source here is placed behind the “object”. This gives us the nice looking outlines on the instrument and artist.

Personally, I prefer this kind of photo, opposed to the classic light-in-your-face photo. It gives it an artsy fell, now doesn’t it?

Also, it was very important that the ambient light be non-existent. It gives us the contrast that we have in this photo. Another plus!

This photo was taken during a concert, so you don’t really have an opportunity to get everything the way you want, so you just go with the flow. Although I could have been standing on the other end, I choose not to. The choices you make in the split seconds you have are key.

Sure, this photo needed some luck and timing, but you can make similar photos with the appropriate studio light. Now, you could order such light. I believe the cost more than a hundred Euros. Alternatively you can make your own. All you need is a dark room to take the photo in, and a powerful colored light bulb, which I think isn’t so hard to obtain, or make for that matter. So have at it!

Ok, so that’s the trick for today. Hope you learned something new, I know I did(always enable the auto save function before writing your first post!).