Wednesday, December 24, 2008

#3 Cloning Yourself

I was meaning to make a new picture using this trick, but it’s 8:30 AM, the morning before Christmas, and I just got back home 2 hours ago, so don’t hold it against me!

As the title itself says, I am going to show you a simple trick using Photoshop. I will be using CS 2, but it’s basically the same in any version. All the pre-learned knowledge you need is the use of layers, and only some basics, but we can learn that here as well.

First things first. Set up your camera so it has the perspective that you need, like for instance a wall, or your room. Just make sure the camera can stand on it’s own, and that you can take photos without moving the camera. This is necessary so we can make the needed editing without much hassle(yea, I’m lazy as hell).

For this example, I took pictures of myself in my room, wearing different shirts, and standing in different positions. One of such was:IMG_0176

Then I took more without moving the camera. I switched shirts, and used the cameras timed shoot function.

Now that you have all the positions you need, you can put it all into Photoshop. Make it so that all the pictures are layers, one on top of the another.

You should have your layers looking something like this:clone1Be sure to arrange them so that the photos in which you are in the back are the bottom layers.

Now, select the first picture and use the Eraser Tool to delete the area of this picture in which you aren’t there. Repeat for all of the picture’s except the bottom one.

That should be it. The basics are here, and you can fine tune the colors if you want. My result was this:

So that’s me four times in one photo! And it’s easy for you to do it too! Until next time! Of I go to argue with my other selves now.