Friday, January 2, 2009

#10 Glowing Shadow

Yeah!I made it to the tenth post without any real delays! The only problem is, I seemed to have lost track of the order of post topics. Yesterday was supposed to be photography, but I am going to make up for it right now!

One way to make unique(and possibly beautiful) photos is to have some interesting objects others don’t. In this case, glass objects.

One interesting aspect of a glass object is its shadow. Observe:

Glass Heart Glowing Shadow

Especially if it has an interesting shape, such this glass heart keychain. This can be done with any glass or moderately see-through object such as a chandelier(if you can take off the ceiling, of course).

Granted, you might not have anything extraordinary in your possession, but there is always something. The simplest example would be a glass of water:

Simple Glowing Shadow

This has numerous possibilities, such as adding some floating colored objects to it, or some dense colored liquid, or even ink. I leave you to experiment. Feel free to share your results with us(or me, at the moment).


The basic thing allowing such shadows, is the fact that the glass objects(or water filled glass objects) let light pass through, more often then not changing its shape and direction. This can be used in another interesting way.

Glass Heart It has the ability to make the glass objects reflect in themselves. This makes for interesting photos, in my opinion.

My family’s Christmas decoration, “Guardian Angel” makes for some interesting photo shoots:

Glass Angel

Blody Glass Angel

My tip for today: Experiment with various glass objects, with different lights(differently colored and positioned). I am sure that you can make some marvelous effects with even the simplest objects and decorations. And remember, try it with and without the camera’s flash, for more variation!