Thursday, January 15, 2009

#19 Light Through Objects, The Resulting Shadows

On a side note, my hard disk dropped dead this morning, and it took all of my data with it, it seems. But, I am not giving up on this blog yet! I pulled an older picture from my deviantArt account for this post.

Playing with shadows can wield some interesting, and sometimes beautiful results. I'm short on time now, so let's skip to the trick at hand.

(Cinema 4D guide)
Create a cage like object first. It's easy to do this in Cinema. Just put any object you have as child object to the Atom Array object, and Cinema does the work for you.

Now all you need to do is put a light source with it's properties set to show Visible Light and Illumination right inside the object. Combine this with yesterdays post, and put all of this into a huge sphere, with you view from inside. Play with the colors, add some noise to the light and you have yourself:

Caged Light by ~NebojsaC on deviantART

Again, use different shapes, colors and settings. Combine more objects in such scenes, and lastly, share your results! I am thinking of setting up a Submission's Sunday, so that I put up some submissions that are related to my posts, so that me and everyone can see what you made!