Tuesday, January 13, 2009

#17 Beer Goggles

So, you feel like not moving away from your couch, and you happen to have your camera close by, and some empty beer bottles on the table. Remember the Through Glass trick? The same applies here.

bear gogles2

The empty bear bottle vortex! Try it. Differently colored beer bottles give you different results.




You can also use it as an extra lens. If you can get a girl to pose for you, you could make a beer commercial photo. If you can’t get anyone, then I guess you will have to do:

bear gogles1

Some factors include the beer envelope, if it has one, and the background light. Make sure you don’t use your flash, and that there is no light shining directly on the camera’s side of the bottle, because light reflecting on it’s surface will render you unable to see through the bottle.



Once you have the photo, get it into PhotoShop if need be, to increase the contrast, or to blur out the unnecessary or to sharpen what you need to be seen.

bear gogles3

Of course, if you have to use too many tools to make the details visible, then you are better off just retaking to photo. To much manipulation and you will just end up with an abstract picture, so take it easy.