Thursday, January 8, 2009

#13 Create Cool 3D Objects With a Single Tool In 30 Seconds, Matrix Extrude

This tool is indigenous to Cinema 4D, but I don’t really know if the other big 3D apps have it. You could be able to make the same effect with just the extrude and bevel tools, but would take too much time and effort, and that just defeats the purpose of this post.

What this tool does is perform a chain of extrude operations on the polygons you select. You can select the number of extrudes, or joints, and you can make it shrink toward the end. You can make it bend or twist as the extrude grows, making for some very interesting effects.

The two basic ways I use this tool are as follows:

Short Matrix Extrude for surface modeling:


Just create a basic sphere and make it editable. Now, with the polygon tool selected select the Matrix Extrude Tool, and use it on the sphere once. If your PC can handle it, use it again to get the same effect like me, add a gradient color to it and give it a HyperNurbs parent for a curvier surface.

Long Matrix Extrude for shape transformation:


This started out as a basic tube, and after a double extrusion(one longer first, and one shorter afterwards), and coloring, it becomes this, in basically less then 30s.

Once again, the bottom line is experimenting. Use different objects for starting out, even your own custom-objects. Don’t always use all of the polys, select polygons in circular formations and see what happens. Try various color combination(gradient makes wonders here). Anyway, it’s up to you. I am already late with posting this(I missed yesterday), so it’s up now(after midnight).

Good night everyone!