Thursday, January 1, 2009

#9 Head Banging Animation Loop

One of things I love about Cinema 4D is that it has all this nifty little tools that help you make certain animations more easily. One of such tools is the Vibrate Tag.

I have mentioned the Vibrate Tag in another post. That time, we didn’t get the exact effect that we needed, but it will do just fine here.

Just for fun, the example that we are going to use this on will be a head banging animation, but with only the head. The full body animation is a bit beyond this example.

For starters either get a head that you modeled, or a plain box will do now. Now make it a child of a null object. Move your object away from the null object, upwards for about 450 if you are using the initial size of the box or sphere.

Right click on the Null Object, navigate to Cinema 4D Tags, and add a vibrate tag. activate what I did, and set the values like so:

vibrate Tag2

Now, when you press Play, you will have the basic swinging animation. But, if you want to make it more dynamic, make the current Null Object a child of another Null Object that also has the Vibrate Tag, but without the Regular Pulse checked, and with some rotation added. Keep experimenting, there are a lot of possibilities there, and it’s up to you find what suits your needs.

With the right object, some music, and some settings for the Vibrate Tag, you can make an interesting project. Add to that Cinema’s possibility to add keyframes to any of the Values and checkboxes, and you have yourself a Video with endless possibilities, and a looping animation:

The best part is, when you make the settings once, it’s easy to transfer them to other objects, enabling you to make hordes of head bangers, if that’s what you are looking for. Just one of the many possibilities of the Vibrate Tag. Bang your head off!