Friday, January 9, 2009

#15 Sometimes The Best Montage, Is No Montage

Montage – as in, editing your video footage by splitting, or rearranging your scenes, or adding effects.

I say this because it’s a general rule that spontaneous, uncut video can be as good as a well planned and painstakingly edited video, if not better. Sure the spontaneous videos are a rare occurrence, but they should never be forgotten because they always bring the viewer closer to the entire ordeal.

It’s easier for a viewer to get involved, or to connect with the video if it’s natural, or just simply uncut. Sure, it’s harder getting the same polished results you get with timing, planning a editing , but the effort taken can sometimes prove to be easier and more rewarding.

Not much more to tell you here. That’s the entire trick. Just remember to pull out the camera the moment you realize you have something worth filming.

I took this while on vacation, while driving. I was driving, and my lovely assistant held the camera:

(Update: YouTube muted my video cause of the music on the car radio, darn...)

Maybe I just like this video because it reminds of that vacation, but I do enjoy how it fits in with the song that was playing on the radio. I don’t usually make videos like this, but it was interesting to make, and it gave a lot of new ideas for videos. This video refreshes, and inspires me!

I urge you to find out for yourself what inspires you. If you manage to make something that only you like, but it inspires you, then it can become a source of many new great creations!