Sunday, January 25, 2009

#23 Assembly, Show the Process Of Your Creativity, Step by Step!

There are always more ways then one to do a certain task. Most of them fall into “the easy way” category, or “the hard way” category. As always, I am going to show you the easy way.

First thing we need is to set up the foundation of our creation. For the sake of practice, I suggest you use an image, with some text, and some room for modification. Something like this:


I used PhotoShop to make this, but you can make this with even the most basic of software, or even Gimp. If you want, you can use my image to get things started.

We need at least two images to do this, so two can be enough. Youassembly2 have your foundation image(or my image) , now add some more colors to it, or anything you want. Add text or shapes, or anything that you think fits it. 

The Final and easiest part is putting these two images into a video editing software, and combining them with a transition of your choice. My result:


I used the two above images and a left-to-right soft transition. Depending on what you have in your images, you might want to try different transitions.

I exported this into a .gif file, but you can just go ahead and make it an .avi file, depending on what you need.

As with all my tricks, this one is simple enough and leaves a lot of room for experimentation and combination. Try using more stages between the foundation and final image. Try different transitions for varying results. You don’t even have to use images. For a quick transition setup, check out this post.

My favorite use for this trick is on videos. A video that you can repeat is a good choice for this to work. The best would be a 3D animation. Render it a few times, but always with different settings. Now, slap some music on, and play with the footage to make an interesting intro:

Unless you haven’t heard, YouTube is muting videos that have music that is copyrighted to WMG. So you should either make your own music, or find some tunes that you can use.

I used music that is under the Creative Commons License, which makes it free to use, under certain conditions. The song used is Lost In Space by Sonic Mystery, that I found on Jamendo. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments!